Treadmetrix is passionate about biomechanics.  Treadmetrix instrumented treadmills provide the best quality force signals for the study of human locomotion during both walking and running.  Treadmetrix gait analysis tools make performance assessment, rehabilitation, or biofeedback training simple and easy.  We take great pride in the fact that our treadmills integrate into our customers' workflow the day they are installed.  Treadmetrix takes customer support and satisfaction to the next level - ensuring that your facility will be as productive as possible using our unique products.

The 3D Force Treadmill allows continuous measurements of reaction forces and Center of Pressure during multiple footfalls, making it well-suited for biomechanics research, clinical research, and sports medicine applications.

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  • Our treadmill design provides the most accurate force, center of pressure (COP), and the best signal to noise ratios available in instrumented treadmills.

  • The modular design and integrated casters allow the treadmill to be moved quickly and easily to optimize utilization of laboratory space.

  • The heavy duty frame and sophisticated drive system are designed to perform reliably for years under heavy use.

  • The drive system is completely customizable to allow researchers to create pre-programmed acceleration/deceleration profiles.

  • Single bed instrumented treadmills allow subjects to walk or run in the "sweet spot" of the measurement system - rather than near the boundaries of the measurement area like most split belt systems.

Treadmetrix Instrumented Treadmill Key Features

The treadmill's analog outputs can easily be synchronized with most major motion capture systems. C-Motion's Visual 3D software allows full integration with their advanced biomechanics suite and real-time biofeedback modules.


Integration with Dartfish video analysis software for real-time display of forces, Center Of Pressure (COP), and gait metrics. Automatic creation of category tags for easy integration with existing databases.  Powerful gait analysis made easy!