Package includes: 3D Force Treadmill, touch screen control with stainless steel cabinet, and customized Visual 3D Pipeline scripts.  

Features / Software Integration

The treadmill's advanced servo motor system ensures the treadmill speed remains constant under high loads and allows the development of custom speed and grade protocols.

  • Speed: 0-28.5 mph    Elevation: 0 to +/- 35% grade
  • Touch-Screen Treadmill Control
  • ​Embedded User Manuals
  • User-Specific Alarms for Speed Elevation
  • Manual Emergency Stop
  • Real-Time Integration with Qualisys QTM Software
  • Real-Time Force Vector Display
  • Seamless Integration with QTM Capture Interface
  • Algorithms for Calculation of Key Gait Events in Both Walking and Running
  • Integration with Visual 3D software by C-Motion
  • Custom Scripts Available Upon Request to Optimize Workflow for Research or Clinical Applications
  • Special Pipeline Processing Commands Allow Calculation of Sophisticated Measures in Real Time