The analog outputs can easily be synchronized with most major motion capture systems.  C-Motion's Visual 3D software allows full integration of the treadmill with their advanced biomechanics suite and real-time feedback modules.  

The software provided by Treadmetrix uses the digital outputs to calculate real-time forces and basic gait analysis parameters.  This software can be used for easy integration with color video or 2D camera systems.

20 Seconds of Running Data

The 3DI and 3DS force-sensing treadmills from Treadmetrix are capable of measuring all 3 force components (Fx, Fy, Fz) during treadmill running and walking at a wide range of speeds and *grades (*3DI only).   The treadmill utilizes a modular design, incorporating four AMTI MC3 strain-guage sensing elements and amplifiers.  The entire aluminum honeycomb composite treadmill system is supported by the sensing elements - producing outstanding signal to noise ratios.  The treadmill's advanced servo motor system ensures that the treadmill speed remains constant under high loads and allows the development of custom speed and grade protocols.  

These treadmills allow continuous measurements of reaction fires and center of pressure (COP) during multiple footfalls, making them well-suited for biomechanics research, as well as clinical and sports medicine applications.